Alumni, help with our Admissions efforts!

Parent/Alumni testimonials are a crucial component of helping prospective families familiarize themselves with St. Andrew's.  The Admissions Office utilizes an online communication platform called PeerPal by Graduway and we would love your participation and support.  
In a nutshell, PeerPal is an online chat service that allows prospective families to connect with current and alumni families to learn about their experiences. The goal for these conversations is to allow prospective parents to ask questions about the school from members of the community, beyond the admissions office team.  These conversations serve to help families develop a full understanding of the St. Andrew's experience and provide a springboard to our community.  
PeerPal will be utilized for families applying to the Lower, Middle, and Upper School divisions.  Here are a few key items about PeerPal:
  • Check out St. Andrew's current PeerPal page
  • The Admissions Team will rotate parent spotlights on the main webpage, generally every 2 to 3 weeks. If you need a break from PeerPal or it's not a good time for you, you can let us know or independently set your profile to "vacation mode". 
  • No personal email information is shared between you and a prospective parent. 
  • This is not a live chat, but rather you will receive an email indicating that you have a message to answer in PeerPal. Our hope is that a response is provided on the same day, or within 24 hours. 
  • All conversations between you and a parent are confidential. 
  • When a conversation is over, you close it out and provide feedback to the admissions team.
Thank you for considering this opportunity and please feel free to contact us if you have questions.  If you'd like to join our PeerPal team, please email