Ashley Dill '13

Ashley Dill '13 was mentioned recently in a USA Today article for her work at the Mike Curb Institute in Memphis (Read the article here). Ashley shared with us some background information on her involvement in the Institute, and her plans for the future.

How did you become involved in the Mike Curb Institute?
Last year I was able to become involved as an advertising and marketing Curb Fellow for the institute and specifically for our exciting new project "An Evening at Elvis.'" This past spring I was named the Rhodes Student Associate of the Mike Curb Institute which essentially means I'm the student point person for both "An Evening at Elvis'" and the Mike Curb Institute under the director of the institute, Dr. John Bass. My job includes booking bands, marketing the show, budgeting, managing student teams, and interviewing the artists.

What has been a favorite project you've worked on recently?
My favorite is "An Evening at Elvis.'" Since 2012, students have been booking, filming, editing, promoting, and producing this live music web-series filmed at Elvis Presley's first purchased home on 1034 Audubon Drive. The house was purchased by the Curb Foundation for the Mike Curb Institute at Rhodes College in 2006. Since 2012 we've hosted some incredible musicians there like Rosanne Cash, Charles Lloyd, Bill Frisell, and Valerie June, to name a few. The format of these visits is a mixture of performance and interview where we begin the episode by interviewing the artist about their work and then it moves to a live concert where they perform some their work (and sometimes, not surprisingly, covers of Elvis songs). The house only fits around 75-100 people so the tickets are a pretty hot commodity but it's been amazing to see the show grow and develop since I've been with the institute. We've made some incredible strides in our team effort and achievements in this semester alone.

What has been challenging about your work?
I think what's most challenging is not having enough hours in the day. The work I do is what some people do as a full-time job, but I'm doing this job as a full-time student-athlete (lacrosse) so there's not a lot of sleeping or sitting around. It's constant work but the product we make and that feeling I get sitting in the audience at Elvis' house knowing a show is going well- there's nothing like it.

How has St. Andrew's prepared you for this work?
I've always thrived off of being incredibly busy, which is how my life is at Rhodes, and St. Andrew's absolutely prepares you for that. Being involved in athletics, the musical, choir, clubs, and on top of all of that the rigorous academic environment at St. Andrew's can prepare you for almost anything. There may not be enough hours in the day to do it all, but having gone to St. Andrew's all 12 years, they certainly teach you how to do it all and how to do it all well.

What are your goals beyond graduation?
As an Urban Studies major, I would love to work with a non-profit in community development or conduct a post-graduate research fellowship abroad, but of course I also have a passion for music. After my internship with Fresh & Clean Media in Los Angeles this past summer, I know that I would love to work in the music industry in some capacity after graduation. I guess I'll have to see where this next summer takes me going into my senior year to figure out where I want to end up.

Get more info on "An Evening at Elvis" via their dedicated website and Facebook page.