Raise the Roof Campaign

St. Andrew's Blueprint for the Future
Let's raise the standards we have for the buildings and facilities our students and teachers deserve. Let's raise our vision of our reach - the countless generations of future world-changers who will call St. Andrew's their second home when we complete this work.  Let's raise the possibilities of what it means to educate the whole student. Let's Raise the Roof, Together!

This campaign, the largest in our 70-year history, will help us build scholars who change the world, artists who change lives, athletes who will change their destinies and servants who will carry the light of St. Andrew's Episcopal School into the future for generations.

This is a vision that enables anyone that enters our doors to obtain an exceptional educational experience….a vision that allows our students and faculty access to the latest and most advanced resources for
teaching and learning, a vision that first provides an environment conducive to student personal growth and safety, a vision that helps everyone in this room and beyond to achieve a dream.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is expected to be fully under construction or completed in three to five years. It will include the following:

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  • Athletics Complex and Student Union on Southwest Parkway Campus

    Intentional spaces for community-building, student clubs, Parent Association and Alumni meetings, our Spirit Shop and social gathering spaces indoors and outdoors 

    • Six courts (competition and practice), which will allow St. Andrew’s to host Middle and Upper School tournaments and support multi-team practices at reasonable hours
    • A 4,000 square foot fitness and training center to support our student athletes and physical education programs
    • Locker rooms and meeting rooms for both home and visiting teams
    • Studios to support 6-12 dance programs and  Middle and Upper School musical theater programs with spaces for teaching and rehearsals
  • Relocated and New Middle School on Southwest Parkway

    • A multi-story, self-contained academic complex with flexible classrooms, science and innovation labs, and indoor/outdoor social and community-building gathering spaces
    • This relocation will allow Upper and Middle School faculty to collaborate across their divisions, enhancing academic opportunities for Middle School students and ensuring academic consistency as they move to the upper grades.
    • Middle School students who have interest and ability to take Upper School level coursework will have the opportunity to advance their education 
    • Middle School students will have access to better fine arts and athletic facilities, coaches and instructors.
    • Relocation will also provide space for controlled growth and expansion on the 31st Street Campus as well as relieve current congestion, space and parking complications.
  • New Lower School Classroom Building and Fine Arts/STEAM Complex on the 31st St. Campus

    A new Lower School Building will provide dedicated classroom spaces for 1-3rd grades, new spaces for all Lower School Fine Arts and best-in class STEAM classrooms and innovation labs. The original 1957 1st-3rd grade classroom wing will be renovated into a designated entrance with welcome and reception areas, admissions and administrative offices.
    • Improve the learning and teaching experiences for Lower School students and faculty by providing larger classrooms with flexible space and integrated technology
    • Help expand our programming by adding more group work spaces to encourage collaboration and critical, creative thinking
    • Allow for specialized smaller classrooms for our Learning Specialists to help our neurodiverse students in meaningful and age-appropriate ways
    • Provide faculty workrooms for cross-departmental collaboration, project work and meaningful fellowship (this space does not exist today)
    • Provide the opportunity to incrementally grow our student body without compromising our small student-teacher ratio

Raise the Roof Capital Campaign Committee

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  • We are deeply grateful for these committed volunteers:

    Angie Berry
    Nicky Brennig
    Ben Cohen
    Sarah Coleman and Nick Barnard
    Mairin and Chris Epp
    Niffer and Mark Greenberg
    Carolyn and Matt Haney
    Anna and Reg Hargrove
    Cary '98 and Brad Johl
    Anna and Jason Near
    Sarah '88 and Thomas Queen
    Agatha and Anthony Precourt
    Yvette Rios
    Will Temple '12

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  • Comprehensive Site Plan Task Force:

    Michael Hsu
    Jason Near
    Yvette Rios
    Ravi Reddy
    Jeff Howard
    Sean Greenberg
    John Burnham
    Jason Thumlert
    Greg Weaver
    Kathy Smith
    Silver Garza