5th Graders Work with Bullock Museum on Audio Guide Project

In mid-February 5th graders started a project with the Bullock State Texas History Museum that would ultimately feature their work as an audio guide in the museum during a one day only exhibit.
The Becoming Texas exhibit is an immersive experience covering over 16,000 years of Texas history. The 5th graders worked closely with the Bullock Museum and their collection of primary resources and educators to create an audio guide to explain: As Texas was becoming Texas in the 18th Century, what were some of the competing interests between the indigenous tribes and the Spanish and French colonists? Each student picked a topic within this category and, using the resources from the museum, conducted their own thorough research and received feedback on historical accuracy and presentation. Once they revised their pieces, museum educators come to St. Andrew's to record each students piece. Each recording was then attached to the displays, allowing visitors to learn about what they were looking at from the St. Andrew's students perspective during the one day display on April 15. You can listen to each student's recording here.