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Endowment Fund

St. Andrew’s Endowment is our foundation for the future. When an opportunity arises to add breadth and depth to St. Andrew’s, we want to start from a position of strength, not scratch. We want to not only have the will, but the way, to win for our children.
A healthy endowment is essential to the financial health of an independent school. The SAS Endowment not only serves as a cushion should financial stress affect the school, but it is also composed of gifts intended to supplement scholarships, teaching chairs and departments, and administrative positions. Our St. Andrew’s Endowment currently has a balance of approximately $12 million (including pledges). A healthy endowment is essential for St. Andrew’s to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Throughout the country, many of the schools recognized as the best also have the largest endowments.

St. Andrew's Endowed Funds

Hughes and Betsy Abell Social and Emotional Learning Fund
The James Abell Endowment
The All Saints’ Scholarship Fund
The Barbara Anderson Scholarship Fund
The Anderson-Vineyard Memorial Scholarship Fund for Minority Students
The Louise Landis Armstrong Fund
The 2006 Alec Beck Endowed Middle School Scholarship
The Dawnelle Anderson Benson Scholarship Fund
The Rev. Samuel N. Bowman Scholarship Fund
The Robert H. Bowman Scholarship Fund
The Patricia Crail Brown Scholarship
The Edwin R. Buster IV Memorial Fund
The 2004 Hilary H. Carlson Upper School Faculty Enrichment Fund
The Frank and Louise Carpenter Scholarship
The Rt. Rev. Anselmo Carral Scholarship Fund
The Clayton Fund Scholarship
The Lillian Gullette Corner Scholarship Fund
The Bill Costas Endowed Fund for Faculty Enrichment in Math
The Anna-Riley Danielle Crenshaw 2016 Endowed Lower School Scholarship
The Julie and Ben Crenshaw Endowed Scholarship
The Claire Susan Crenshaw 2002 Endowed Lower School Scholarship
The Katherine Vail Crenshaw Endowed Middle School Scholarship
The Isabelle Thompson Decherd Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Endowed Fund for Social and Emotional Learning
The Eleanor “Ellee” Fletcher 2008 Endowed Scholarship
The Eleanor Stayton & William Gammon, Jr. Scholarship Fund
The St. John Garwood Scholarship Fund
The Kerry Bennett Goode Scholarship Fund
The Gottesman Scholarship Fund
The Mignon Henry Scholarship Fund
The Elizabeth Hughes Hoey Scholarship Fund
The O.H. Elliott and Ora Elliott Houston Scholarship Fund
The Jan Stone Hughes Memorial Endowment
The Anna Mae and E. Gary Morrison Scholarship Fund
The Rebecca Young Nelson Scholarship Fund
The Tom E. Nelson, Jr. Scholarship Fund
The Marc Pappas Scholarship Fund
The Leslie Cain Poteet Scholarship Fund
The Andrew Louis Robertson Scholarship Fund
The Debbie Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Kristin Shelton Scholarship Fund
The Michael Reed Symank Scholarship Fund
The Terry Tilton Memorial Scholarship Fund
The W. Robert Vaden Scholarship Fund
The Jane Rushing Winters Scholarship Fund
The 2001 Asleep at the Wheel Middle School Scholarship
The 2003 Pat Green Endowed Upper School Scholarship
The 2005 Robert Earl Keen Endowed Middle School Scholarship
The 2007 Grupo Fantasma Endowed Fund
The 2008 Los Lonely Boys Endowed Fund
The 2009 Mark Chesnutt Endowed Fund
The 2010 Bob Schneider Endowed Fund